It Will Be Better

That’s what I told myself around the same time last year: “2013 would be better”. Come to think of it, that’s what most of us say at the end of every year. “Next year will be better.”  And maybe it will. Maybe you’ll get your dream car or find the love of your life. But it’s just one big maybe. A 50/50 chance, or even lower like 10/90, that the thing or person you’ve always wanted to have will be yours.

But why take a chance when you can make it happen yourself? Whether things got better this year compared to last is subjective. We don’t have much of a choice when it comes to the things that life gives us, but we do have a choice in how we look at them. Perception varies from person to person. Some may look at every experience as a lesson. Others, as an opportunity. You just have to act on them, instead of just believing and waiting.

I know 2013 was a good for year for me, because I made it into one. I worked hard. I tried to be as good a friend and son as I could possibly be, given my inherent teenage angst and other flaws. I stepped outside my comfort zone. I took a leap of faith, and I triumphed in the end.

One can argue that some of the achievements I got were a result of chance and luck. Being chosen to become an editor of our student publication next academic year, or getting into AIESEC. (Hello fellow AIESECers!) While a little luck won’t hurt, I’d like to think I got them because I was deserving. Also not because some higher power or destiny or fate deemed me fit.

I would talk about my failures at this point, but I plan on writing about the biggest one I had last year before classes resume, and I don’t want to preempt it. Suffice to say, I learned from them and I moved on. I learned to appreciate the people who comforted and supported me.

I expect a lot more from 2014. There will be the good times, bad times, stress, frustration, sleepless nights, exhausting work, successes, and failures. And I welcome all of it.



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