Hate Late

Have you ever been in a meeting schedule at 11 AM, and it’s already 11:30 and the person you’re meeting is nowhere in sight? So you’re sitting there by yourself in some cafe or restaurant, playing with your phone or reading the menu over and over again. Your patience has started to run out, so you take your phone and call the late motherfucker, and they just say, “Oh, sorry. I’m on my way.”

absolutely hate that.

Here in the Philippines, we have developed an unhealthy concept of Filipino time. In its simplest form, it’s basically socially accepted tardiness. The most common excuses include traffic or long lines at the LRT (our equivalent of a subway except it’s above the ground, not under it). This Filipino time is the reason why programs which are supposed to start at 8 AM “sharp” actually start at 9.

Despite having grown up in a culture that seemingly tolerates tardiness, I strongly disapprove of it. This disapproval manifests in two ways. First, I hate being late. As a student, I hate the feeling of walking into a classroom halfway through the professor’s lecture and have the other students look or stare at me. More than that, I just hate making people wait. Second, I hate it when other people are late. Of course, I try to find out if they have a valid excuse, like their car broke down or they got robbed or they were undergoing an exorcism. But if they give me a stupid excuse like “I forgot my make-up bag at home so I went back to get it”, I just lose it.

And it’s not just being late in person. It also includes being late in responding to text messages or Facebook messages. The “seen by” feature is both a blessing and a curse, and I badly wish a similar feature would be invented for text messaging.

My friends find this quirk of mine annoying at times, probably because they’re always late to class and meetings. But there’s nothing wrong with being punctual, isn’t it?

This post was inspired by a Daily Prompt: Which quirky habit annoys you the most, and what quirky habit do you love — in yourself, or others.




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  15. It’s a good habit to be punctual and I can understand how being late annoys you. I hate being late too, I usually end up being the first to arrive at a meeting and wait for the others. On another note thank you for following my blog at A mom’s blog. Best wishes, Zainab

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