Dreams are my escape.

I can’t help but daydream from time to time. My mind would begin to wander, stretching far into the horizon of my imagination. Asking myself the “why nots” and “what ifs” of life. But there are even greater dreams.

The dreams that occur during a good night’s sleep are the chance for me to live out my greatest fantasies. It is in my dreams that I am surrounded by the love I desire. It’s where I live a life of happiness and contentment, and where I am never a failure of an embarrassment. It is the one place where perfection can be achieved, albeit temporarily.

But with the bliss of dreams comes the danger of nightmares. Times when my greatest fears flood into my mind and drown me in despair. Of death, loss, loneliness. I lay in bed, unable to move or react. It is during these nightmares that I am reminded of how fragile and vulnerable I truly am. How people can be so greedy, and the world so unforgiving. I realize that I am a slave to my own subconscious.

Dreams are my escape, but nightmares are my prison.



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