That’s my personality type, according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).My way of thinking, decision-making, leadership, social interaction, habits, and idiosyncrasies can supposedly be explained by this personality test. What I know about myself should be found within those 4 letters: INTJ.

I is for Introversion, N is for Intuitive, T is for Thinking, and J is for Judging. I remember the first time I took this test was after seeing a friend of mine post her results. I was curious, so I took it, and ended up with those four letters: INTJ. About a year or two after that, I joined the Specialized Unit (SU) of AIESEC in our university. Our SU President required everyone to take this same test, and I still ended up with the same four letters: INTJ.

The first time I took that test, I only scanned the profile description and moved on to watching YouTube videos or something. But today, I felt like taking a closer look at it. I found a few websites dedicated to different personality profiles, and read a lot of assumptions about how INTJs are. So, I’ve decided to play a little game. I’m going to list some excerpts from the INTJ profile found on this website, then I’ll say if it’s True or False, whether it applies to me or not.

“INTJ personalities radiate self-confidence, relying on their huge archive of knowledge spanning many different topics and areas. INTJs usually begin to develop that knowledge in early childhood (the “bookworm” nickname is quite common among INTJs) and keep on doing that later on in life.” True. I was a voracious reader from a young age. As I entered my teenage years, I developed an appetite for science fiction, fantasy, and thriller novels, including any combination of those three. As for the “radiate self-confidence” part, not really. With my close friends perhaps, but generally, I’m not radiating anything except a sense of awkwardness. I think adding the phrase “pretend to” before that part would make it more accurate.

“INTJs know what they know and more importantly – they are confident in that knowledge. Unsurprisingly, this personality type can be labelled as the most independent of all types.” Partly true. I do know what I know, and I also know what I don’t know. Thinking about it, I am confident in the things I know. Do you know what you know and what you don’t know? But I wouldn’t consider myself independent just yet. I enjoy being by myself and working alone, but there quite a few things I need to learn.

“INTJ personalities do not seek nor enjoy the spotlight and may often decide to keep their opinions to themselves if the topic of discussion does not interest them that much.” True. I’m known by my family, friends, and acquaintances as a quiet person. I am an obvious introvert, seeing how I rarely initiate conversations nor do I willingly jump into one with people I’m not close to or at the very least comfortable with.

“INTJ personalities are perfectionists and they enjoy improving ideas and systems they come in contact with.” True. I am a perfectionist. Every time I work on something, I have this vision of how the output should be like. When I’m part of a team or group, I immediately set expectations for all of my group mates. I do this even when I’m not the leader. I also have this habit of “evaluating” people, even if it’s my first time meeting or interacting with them. Some thoughts that usually run across my mind include “she should stand up straighter” or “he needs to loosen up a bit”. Maybe this is bad, but I still do it.

“An INTJ would assess all possible situations, calculate strategic and tactical moves, and more often than not develop a contingency plan or two as well.” True. I plan. I always plan. I plot out everything I need to do in a day, including how many hours I’ll allot for procrastination. I prepare for the worst in situations you’d think would never possibly go wrong.

“They are natural leaders and excellent strategists, but willingly give way to others vying for a leadership position, usually people with Extroverted personalities (E personality type).” True. I was like this since my elementary years. Even if I had the chance to become the leader of the team, if there was someone else who I recognized to be a “leader”, I usually let them take the position. Not-so-fun fact: I classify my batch mates as either “leader” or “follower” types.

“INTJs find it very difficult to handle romantic relationships, especially in their earliest stages. People with this personality type are more than capable of loving and taking care of the people close to them, but they are likely to be completely clueless when it comes to attracting a partner.” True. I belong to the NGBSB club – No Boyfriend/Girlfriend Since Birth. It’s a not-so-exclusive club that includes teenagers and young adults, maybe even adult adults, across the entire world. I have loved people before but it has always remained unrequited, mainly because I never explicitly let them know about it.

Well, it turns out that personality test was pretty accurate. I don’t think this post was a fun read for you, but I certainly enjoyed writing it. I guess you can look at your reading this post as a “getting to know a random stranger on the Internet” experience.

If you want to learn more about yourself or just procrastinate for a few minutes, try taking this test. Then play the game I just made up. I would love to learn more about you too, random stranger on the Internet.



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