100 Happy Days

I think most college students would agree with me when I say that one can never have too many ways to procrastinate. This little project of mine may be just another addition to a long list of ways.

About two weeks ago, I noticed the #100HappyDays pop up on my Facebook feed and Twitter timeline. Then I discovered its website.

The question was simple: can you be happy for 100 days in a row?

My instinctive answer was no. But for the heck of it, and for a few more minutes away from reviewing for an exam, I kept on reading. The point of the challenge was to take a picture of someone or something that made you happy, everyday, for 100 consecutive days.

Supposedly, 71% of people who have tried this challenge failed. But the 29% who did complete it became more optimistic, more thankful for what they have, and generally happier.

So I jumped into it, on this day, February 8, 2014. Never mind how little free time I have left everyday. Forget the deadlines, stress, and pressure.

I will be sharing some of the pictures I’ll be capturing here, and I’ll also write about how much (or little, because anything’s possible) has changed in my life. After the first 25 days, perhaps? Or maybe at the end of the whole 100 days.

If you have a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, daily Internet access, and the necessary commitment, I encourage to try doing this challenge together with me… and a few thousand other people.



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